April 29, 2022 – Opening NDSM Expo XI



Ester Eva Damen & Joris Berger

After scanning a QR code on the NDSM Expo#XI, you can listen to a podcast here changing during the duration of the exhibition. Core themes are the problems that Odysseus tried to overcome on his journey, translated to this time: How do we deal with territory and potential guests?

29 april 17:00

U bent van harte uitgenodigd voor de feestelijke opening van de expositie ODYSSEE 2.0 op 29 april aanstaande bij NDSM FUSE om 17.00
You are cordially invited to the grand opening of the exhibition ODYSSEE 2.0 on April 29 at NDSM FUSE at 17.00

De Odyssee is het heldenepos van Homerus over de tocht van Odysseus naar Ithaka. Een reis vol uitdagingen, ellende, monsters en verleidingen. De verhalen gaan over verraad, maar ook over slimheid en liefde, doorzettingsvermogen, creativiteit en hoop. Een metafoor voor de reis van de mens door het leven en de zoektocht naar de zin ervan… lees meer
The Odyssey is Homer’s epic about the journey of Odysseus to Ithaca. A journey full of challenges, misery, monsters and temptations. The stories include betrayal, but also cleverness and love, perseverance, creativity and hope. A metaphor for man’s journey through life and the search for its meaning… read more

Curator Ellen Klijzing

Kunstenaars Artists Lennaart Allan, Guévørk Aivazian, Lies Aris,
Sietse H. Bakker, Simone Boon, Vincent Boschma, Allard Boterenbrood, Rika Maja Duevel, Ester Eva Damen & Joris Berger, Simon Floter, Fabien Gruau, Frank Hietbrink, Vladimir Hristov, Ossa Kierkegaard, Esther Kin, Ellen Klijzing, Nanny Kok, DH Mack, Helena Kaori Maeda, Femke Moedt, Hanneke De Munck, Benny Van Der Plank, Pieter Post, Ana Queen, Paul Rinzo, Regina Rorije,
Jan Seelen, Helga Van Stralen, Elvira Vroomen, Marius Van Zandwijk

April 2022 – What is a poet?

Editing a ‘Fryslân Doc’ with Srdjan Fink. While selecting interview fragments of poet Elmar Kuiper, Srdjan runs to his bookshelf and gets Kirkegaard out, as translated to Serbian: ‘Ili-Ili’ (‘Either-Or’):

What is a poet? An unhappy person who conceals profound anguish in his heart but whose lips are so formed that as sighs and cries pass over them they sound like beautiful music. It is with him as with the poor wretches in Phalaris’s bronze bull, who were slowly tortured over a slow fire; their screams could not reach the tyrant’s ears to terrify him; to him they sounded like sweet music. And people crowd around the poet and say to him, “Sing again soon”-in other words, may new sufferings torture your soul, and may your lips continue to be formed as before, because your screams would only alarm us, but the music is charming. And the reviewers step up and say, “That is right; so it must be according to the rules of esthetics.” Now of course a reviewer resembles a poet to a hair, except that he does not have the anguish in his heart, or the music on his lips. Therefore, I would rather be a swineherd out on Amager and be understood by swine than be a poet and be misunderstood by people.

April 2022 – University Theatre, Amsterdam

Hike with Giuliano Bracci and Giuditta to get an overview of the University Theatre where we will work tomorrow with dancer-researcher Suzan Tunca and cameraperson Bert Oosterveld.

I have passed the entrance many times on my way to a lesson in ‘Thinking the Moving Image’ at the UvA but I never knew it was this spacious. Saturday and Sunday night Suzan Tunca will dance here 7.30-8.15 pm. Entrance free. Please reserve a seat writing to us (info below):

SEI- CHAPTER THREE – (ca. 30 min)

Suzan Tunca, dance performance & Giuliano Bracci, music & live electronics

Saturday 16 &Sunday 17 April 2022 at 19:30 University Theater Amsterdam

February 2022 – Mondays, online – Writing for artists

We started again with two courses on the Monday, online.

Writing for artists (5-6pm).

Creative writing (7.30-8.30pm).

Mondays, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm. English speakers are welcome. Registration and info: stichtinglajetee <at > hotmail.com. After registration you receive a link.

You are an artist and you want to write a text about your own work? You have to apply for funding but don’t get your proposal on paper?

In a short series of lessons tools are given to write a practical applicable text. How can you let go of self-censorship and produce text? How can you get closer to the core of your own fascination? And how can you be your own editor again?

Above: Writing for artists in artists initiative W139, Amsterdam

November 2021 – Location scouting

Giuliano Bracci (composer) has a flat roof oposite his balcony. Could it be a location to shoot footage for the piece ‘Sei, Due, Tre’ with dancer Suzan Tunca? I’ve contacted the owners of the building on the last day of my stay. We continued location hunting in a parc in Florence with a greenhouse. Subsequently we took a train to Porteci near Naples and Nola (the town where philosopher/ poet Giordano Bruno was born). We visited a vulcanic landscape (Puozzoli – Sulfotara) where I’ve been before and I’ve remembered it as an interesting film location.